Vinny Bricks

Born an hour outside Detroit, Vincent Brick grew up the son of a performing blues/rock guitarist, and was heavily influenced by early exposure to a diverse mix of music encountered both in the Motor City, and where his family relocated to near New York City. At an early age Vinny began learning to play numerous instruments, and at age 16 was getting paid gigs playing bass guitar in local rock and industrial bands.

Vinny Bricks - Stargazing Cincinnati 2002
Stargazing - Cincinnati 2002

Vinny discovered dance music in 1993, and was immediately intrigued by the art of electronic music production and Midwest rave culture. Moving to Phoenix, Arizona in 1996 to pursue an education in audio engineering, Vinny joined up with old friend and former band-mate Cluster Poindexter’s company, Kids Under The Carpet, where they promoted parties inside the Arizona dance music scene and produced original techno and house music in their home studio.

By the end of the 1990s, having each completed the Master Recording Program at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Phoenix, the duo had moved their studios back to Cincinnati, created a website to promote their music on the internet, cut numerous dub plates and performed live on both sides of the country. Once settled, Vinny worked at a couple of prominent commercial recording and prcoroduction facilities and took a more serious interest in mixing and turntablism, honing his skills as a DJ at raves, nightclubs and restaurants across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana and on several internet radio shows over the next ten years.

Vinny Bricks - Lingo Rec. WMC 2011
Lingo Recordings WMC - Miami 2011

After Miami's Winter Music Conference in March of 2011, Vinny began a short hiatus from DJing while he relocated to California, where he has since been working on audio and video productions and as a session musician. Currently Vinny Bricks resides in Los Angeles and and is seeking nationwide DJ bookings with an emphasis on the West Coast, Southwest US, and of course the Midwest.

Sample cheesy promo blurb:

With over fifteen years experience as a DJ and live performer, this Midwest house music staple will jack your body with the funk and melt you heart with the soul.